Christa & Jeremy

        Last summer I was asked to do flowers for my cousin Jeremy and his then fiancé Chrsita’s wedding. I met with Christa and her mom and spent hours going over the details of what they envisioned for the day. Shades of purples with lilac and lavender being the main focus, with a wildflower feel. For the ceremony space she wanted a arch covered with flowers and a heavy sprinkling of lavender rose petals. I prepared a sketch and she approved it and away we went!

For the next few months this arch was constantly on my mind. I knew putting it together and it coming out how the sketch proposed, was going to take me being in the zone. Explanation: while designing, at times, if I’m really feeling what I’m working on, I have this habit of going crazy. I become a blur of floral action, stems fly, mostly to the floor, and I get the design done in half the time it would have previously taken, and I stand back breathless and say to myself, “yep, that’s what it should look like.” So knowing that me being in my “zone” is what it would take to get this done, I prepped myself. Dreaming and thinking daily about the execution of the design. I armed myself with gorgeous green hanging Amaranthus, blooming Spiria, lavender hued Stock & Lisianthus, seasonal Lilac, white Roses and more.

I arrived ridiciulasly early to the ceremony space, and began to work. Approx 2-3 hours later I stood back and said to myself, “yep, that’s what it should look like.” So this first photo below is that gorgeous thing of an arch in all it’s beauty and majesty.

I hope you enjoy it, and the rest of this beautiful wedding of two very beautiful people.

Fun fact: the final photo below is the arch disassembled to be repurposed as decor for the head table. Great idea if you hate to see flowers go to waste as I do!



















Photography: Deanna Rose Photographer


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