Our First Blog Post!

    Welcome to Orange Blossom’s Floral Design Blog, and our first post! Our goal here is to inspire creativity, share tips and tricks we learn along our way, and keep you updated on exciting happenings!

First off, let me introduce myself so you know who’s talkin’! My name is Nicole, and I have the fantastic privilege of being the owner and designer here at Orange Blossom’s Floral. This job, creating floral designs, is the sunshine of my life

I LOVE flowers.

When life becomes overwhelming and sometimes bleak, I find a vibrant beauty and light in the natural world, that to me reflects an intelligent creator. I love to grab a camera and zoom in as close as possible to flowers, to reveal details otherwise not seen. I am by no means a photographer, and as amateur as they come, but take a look at these beautiful blossoms I found outside in our garden.

Orange Blossoms Floral Design

Journey with us and be inspired!


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