Valerie & Jesse

Only in California can you have your wedding ceremony on the beach in October, and get perfect weather for photos! This beautiful red heads name is Valerie. Her and I became connected through a private homeschool group I was involved in as a high schooler. Fast forward to now, when she got engaged to her fiancé Jesse, she gave me a call for flowers! We met, and she told me of her love for lillies and orange! After a few different sketches we came up with the shape of the bouquet and the flowers for it that she envisioned.

Congratulations Valerie & Jesse, thank you for letting Orange Blossom’s Floral be apart of your day!




The Rose Hips in Valerie’s bouquet, came about as I was doing some foraging through my yard, and came across a hidden-slightly-forgotten rose bush that had produced little buds the perfect shades of orange for her bouquet.






Photo Credit: Capre Photography

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